The RUP is a true multiband distortion, with 3 variable signal paths - each with adjustable gain, comp, and level controls - plus clean blend, FX loops, mid boost and master 3-band EQ.

The RUP has been discontinued, and is no longer in production. A new pedal called the "Klein Bottle" is under development (early 2017 launch date), which will take the ideas in the RUP to the next level.

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Variable HCC

The COMP control lets you select between symmetrical and asymmetrical drive tones, clean boost while fine tuning the compression of the drive.

TrueSoft Bypass

We combine durable true bypass relay switching with an effect-side FET switch for pure and smooth switching.

Custom Alpha Pots

Custom dual gang pots were used on the four bandwidth controls, and the custom GAIN pots give you more control over both low & high gain.

DualMode Switching

DualMode Switching can convert any footswitch into momentary operation.

To use, wait 5 seconds, then press the sequence tap+tap+hold until LED flashes.

Extended Headroom

Individual charge pumps are used to power each band, with the bass band getting an extra beefy charge pump for big & punchy low end.

Baxandall EQ

An active 3-band Baxandall EQ is used after all the distortion bands are summed, allowing you to sculpt the perfect distortion tone.


GAIN = 0dB to +60dB (active)

LOW & LOW MID = 70Hz to 1.5kHz

HIGH & HIGH MID = 460Hz to 10kHz

CLEAN = -INF to +40dB (active)

MASTER & LEVEL = -INF to 0dB (passive)

COMP - clockwise = symmetrical drive, counterclockwise = asymmetrical drive

3-BAND EQ frequencies TBD



Enclosure dimensions: 7.4"W x 4.7"L x 1.4"H  (188 x 120 x 36mm)


With knobs & jacks: 7.7"W x 4.6"L x 2.3"H  (196 x 117 x 59mm)



Standard 2.1mm, negative-tip 9V power supply (jack located on back panel)






~80ma + 30ma during on/off switching



The idea of the RUP came to me and my brother almost simultaneously back in 2011. My vision was for a true multiband distortion pedal, and his vision added in extra outputs for sending the separate signals to multiple amps. At the time VFE was too small for such a massive endeavor, which led to the development of the Triumvirate, a compact, more affordable multiband distortion pedal.


Fast forward to the fall of 2012, and I start looking at developing the project under the name proposed by my brother - Rainbows, Puppies, Unicorns. After established the cost of the custom potentiometers and gathering support from 10 initial pre-orders, I got to work on the RUP, not realizing how many design challenges I faced before getting to a final projects.


Delays with the custom potentiomers, errors in the drilling template (both by me and the supplier), and multiple revisions to the design delayed the pre-production run until early 2014. With these major challenges finally solved, I used the feedback from customers and my personal experience to create an RUP that had more useful features and improved quality of all its features.

The RUP is the most ambitious product I've ever designed, and I am excited to see and hear how it is used in the hands of the many talented artists and engineers around the world.

-- Peter Rutter, founder of VFE Pedals --

The RUP has been a labor of love for a few years. About 15 pre-production units were built to test out the concept and gain feedback from real world usage. The info on this page is to let you know the differences between this early run and the current RUP design.



- "MIDS ONLY" changed to "MID BOOST"

- PRE/POST switches moved inside

- Master 3-band EQ added

- More headroom in bass band

- Improved isolation in FX loops



- Clean knob was changed to a clean/dirty blend knob

- The PRE setting on the FX loop is now located after the crossover filter, and before the gain. In the pre-production model, it was located before both the crossover and the gain stage.

- Minor tweaks to the range of the filters and overall EQ.