As you probably already know, I have returned to teaching high school math full time. What you may not know is that VFE is one of several businesses partnering with my school to provide real world problems and hands-on experiences for the students. I am excited about this next chapter for me and my family, but this has meant huge changes for VFE.


The most obvious change is the product line. The original product line was discontinued on August 31, 2016. I simply don't have time to keep up with selling, building, and answering questions about 27 different pedals.


Instead, I have developed a new pedal format and 3 new pedals that will ship this spring.

The product line will grow slowly over time, and should have 4-6 pedals by the end of summer 2017. While the official product line is smaller, I plan to experiment and do special runs from time to time. Below are some examples of the type of VFE Pedals you may see in the future.





This brings me to the final change. The way I run the business will be much simpler, as I won't have as much time to dedicate exclusively to VFE Pedals. During the school year, I have less than 10 hours per week to do VFE-related work.


To help improve efficiency, I have contracted out PCB assembly and started an internship program within the school. This will provide my students with hands-on, real world learning in the various aspects of business - marketing & social media, business management & accounting, manufacturing & quality control, inventory management & order fulfillment, multimedia production, web design & development, and more.


Here are some highlights from the 2016-2017 school year:

- About 12 students built simple booster circuits

- These same students should finish up larger builds next month, which will be sold on Reverb (some pedals, a speaker system, a couple microphones, and a theremin)

- Over 40 students built their own custom guitar pedal & used them in a live concert performance

- Two interns through Next Move are designing a fuzz pedal, and will build a limited run in May.

- One student has developed a new logo, which will be finalized this spring.

- One student is collaborating with me on a new website, including new photography.


Thank you all for your support of VFE Pedals. I look forward to this next chapter of VFE, and I greatly appreciate all the well wishes you have sent my way during this transition.


Peter Rutter

VFE Pedals