I am developing new pedals and projects to teach high school students about soldering, building/modding pedals, and designing their own audio effect circuits. You can support this program and learn these same lessons by supporting me on Patreon.





Here's a list of DIY projects that I plan to make available in 2017.



- Dragon dynamic overdrive

- Pinball tilt equalizer

- Standout mid booster



- Rise & Fall vintage tremolo (similar to Old School)

- Red Wolf vintage distortion (similar to Alpha Dog)

- Choral Reef analog chorus (in new pedal format)

- Tiger optical comp-drive (similar to White Horse)



- Mermaid transparent overdrive (similar to Merman)

- Ravine delay-verb (similar to Yodeler)

- Phoenix saturated fuzz (simliar to Fiery Red Horse)

- Tortoise vintage-modern distortion


During the 2017-18 school year, I will primarily focus on updating many of my

discontinued pedals. This will save me time and build up a project list much more

quickly. Starting the summer of 2018, I will shift my focus to new pedal ideas.