I am currently working with a freshman at IDEA High School to build a new VFE website. As part of this new site, there will be a section dedicated to education. Over the next few years, this area will grow to feature student work, materials to learn about how to design your own circuits, and an information about how you can support these unique programs.


We will be using the URL vfepedals.com/test/index.html to test our site as it is built. Feel free to check it out & provide feedback as we develop the new site. The current pages are from a template, and will not be updated with student-designed pages until sometime in April.



We plan to have the new site ready sometime in early June.





Here is a summary of VFE's involvement in education this year:


- Developed simple booster kits for students to learn about audio circuits

- Funded the purchase of DIY kits for students to build and modify audio gear

- Developed 12 easy-to-build FX for a pedal building class of 40+ students

- Currently working with interns to develop & build a limited run of fuzz pedals

- Had a student design contest for a new VFE logo, which will be featured on the new site




I plan to expand the internship program next year, as we as offer more opportunities for students to learn about pedals, audio circuits, and business planning.