All VFE Pedals Eagle .sch and .brd files!

Looking to build a VFE Pedal that is no longer available, or just for inspiration for your own pedal ideas? For $10, you will receive a link to download a ZIP file full of all the Eagle schematic (.sch) and board layout (.brd) files I have designed over the past 10 years. While some files have been refined & optimized for ease of reading, many are not. Because of this added complexity, I don't recommend these files for novices.




Please allow 2-3 business days for me to send the download link.

DISCLAIMER - These files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY, and not to be used for commercial products.

You can purchase many VFE PCBs at

The Klein Bottle DIY kit DOES NOT include the small circuit components (resistors, capacitors, ICs, etc.) that will be installed into the PCB. There are 5 surface mount op amps that are also not included - unless you select an op amp kit. No special soldering equipment is required to solder surface mount ICs if you choose a kit without them.


CLICK HERE to download the DIY documentation, including the schematic.

CLICK HERE to purchase the small circuit components from Mouser.

Why is there no option to get a kit with all the small

circuit components (resistors, capacitors, etc.)?

The time & cost to manually sort out all the parts would add more cost to the kit than the price you can get from Mouser directly. Mouser has a massive, highly automated distribution center. VFE would need to put all parts in the same bag, but Mouser will ship different parts in separate, labeled bags. Because of this, it is both cheaper and simpler to purchase these parts from Mouser directly.

This kit is NOT recommended for beginners!

I cleared out my remaining PCBs for the Dragon, Pinball, and Standout. Included is the PCB, switching microcontroller, and custom, dual-gang C10k/C100k pots that you can't buy anywhere else.





CLICK HERE to download the DIY documentation

CLICK HERE to download the Bill of Materials

CLICK HERE to purchase a pre-drilled enclosure from Pedal Parts Plus.


Replace the 22u capacitor in the lower right section of the PCB with a 100u or higher capacitor. This will improve the HPF bass cut in all 3 pedals, and improve the isolation of the blend/tone controls when turned fully CW or CCW. Here's a link to a good capacitor to use.

Use A100k instead of D100k for the Pinball, and A50k instead of D100k for the Standout. The D100k pot used by VFE was custom made, and both A50k and A100k tapers are available by many suppliers. A50k will lower the max boost by 6dB in the Standout, but the current max boost setting was overkill for most use cases. Use A100k if you love to crank it up to 11!


In the Dragon, use A50k for both gain/level if you prefer low-to-mid gain drive tones, and A100k if you want to have the maximum compression/sustain/saturation possible.