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Component Sourcing


We strive to improve our build quality every year. Since 2010, we have made dozens of upgrades to our product line, including many USA made parts. Our pursuit of perfection is evident every time you use a VFE Pedal.


Our goal is to empower the player with more control over their tone. We add extra features and extend the range of many controls because your tone should not be based on any ear

or gear but your own.


Our custom shop lets you design your unique pedal through the Pedal Wizard. You choose the color, knobs, graphics, and more. Best of all, most options are free, and many pedals are built-to-order in just 1-2 weeks.

Custom, low profile Carling toggle switches stay out of the way, but are still easy to use with their medium bat length.

Solid aluminum knobs give a smoother action to the pots, making it easier to fine tune each setting.

Alpha pots are used throughout, including several with custom tapers made in the USA. We even hand-paint a silver marking on the mini-knobs for better visibility.

Specific Neutrik jacks were chosen for their durability, and their compatibility with either TS or TRS instrument cables.

Rugged Carling footswitch has a smoother action than the standard 3PDT type. Unlike spring action switches, it still provides solid haptic feedback when depressed.

Our pedals are built in a tough aluminum casing with durable powder coats and a new, UV-cured printing process that is both more precise and longer-lasting.

Low-tolerance passives ensure consistent performance from unit to unit. Most film caps are made by WIMA in Germany, and many pedals have USA-made resistors.

We select op amps and transistors based both on our subjective ear tests and objective spec sheets. Our goal is to use the best part for each job that's done in the circuit.

True bypass, latching relay switching is combined with solid state FET switching for a smoother on/off transition. Our relay switches are rated beyond 100,000,000 cycles!

We employ heavy power filtering so our pedals stay quiet with any power supply. A pair of diodes also prevent reverse-voltage or over-voltage damage to critical parts.

Our pedals accept standard 9V power supplies, battery power. Most pedals accept up to 15V, and some up to 18V (see tech specs for each pedal).

We are committed to building products with the highest quality. That commitment also means that we ask the hard questions about how the components we use are made, and what role VFE Pedals can play to promote fair treatment of workers across the globe.

Component - Manufacturer - State/Country

Enclosures - New Sensor - Made in China

Drilling/Painting - Pedal Parts Plus - Louisiana, USA

Switches - Carling Technologies - Made in Mexico

Stock Potentiometers - Taiwan Alpha - Made in Taiwan

Custom Potentiometers - Alpha Products - Made in California, USA

Circuit Boards - Advanced Circuits - Made in Colorado, USA

Small-Run Circuit Boards - Advanced Circuits (USA) or OSH Park (USA)

Relay Switch - Panasonic Electric Works - Made in various countries, all in Asia

Semiconductors - Too many to list - Made in various countries, primarily in Asia

Film Capacitors - WIMA - Made in Germany

Other Capacitors - Too many to list - Made in various countries, all in Asia

Blue Resistors - Xicon - Made in ??? (distribution warehouse in Texas, USA)

Red Resistors - Precision Resistive Products - Made in Iowa, USA

Audio Jacks - Neutrik - Made in China

Knobs - Sourced from Small Bear & 4site Electronics in USA - Manufacturers unknown

Solder - Cardas Audio - Made in Oregon, USA

LEDs - Sourced from Pedal Parts Plus - Manufacturer unknown

Stickers - Sticker Giant - Made in Colorado, USA

Please email sales@vfepedals.com if you have a possible new source that will be an upgrade in terms of quality and social justice (worker conditions, environmental costs, etc.). Also, please contact us if you have documented evidence of any of these components being made in poor working conditions. VFE Pedals is a very small player in the electronics industry, but we want to play our part in promoting the fair treatment of workers throughout the world.

All VFE Pedals are proudly assembled by hand in Puyallup, Washington, USA